Tallinn 1.5 [2022] (+)

Support work — research and ideation — for SPIN Unit’s contribution to the Tallinn Architectural Biennale. (lina.community)

Estonian Shrinking Patterns [2022] (+)

Processed, analysed, and visualised vacancy data for the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs. (SPIN Unit)

Recentre Jyväskylä [2021] (+)

Analysed spatial data, facilitated a workshop, and built a website for the City of Jyväskylä. (SPIN Unit)

The New Modal [2020] (+)

Worked with a GTFS feed to map mobility equity for the City of Tallinn. (SPIN Unit)

HKU Guild [2020] (+)

Digital design @ the HKU Guild.

The AArcade [2020] (+)

A (temporary) satirical outlet for students at the Architectural Association. (Website)

MetaNAR [2019] (+)

Mapping the digital footprint of Narva, Estonia, for the (Re)configuring Territories programme.

Art Map [2018] (+)

An interface, built with React and Unity seperately, for navigating a ConvNet's internal representations of an art collection. (Github)

Articulyze [2017] (+)

A website that aggregated long-form journalism about the world's most acute humanitarian crises, as defined by the UNOCHA's annual report. (Github)